Another month brings another campaign that we can all get behind. January and Dryathlon have us giving up alcohol for a month, November andMovember have thousands of men growing debatable facial hair, and October and Stoptober have us giving up tobacco for a month.

Each year around 150,000 smokers from across the UK join forces and take on the Stoptober challenge in a bid to kick the habit once and for all. But how did Stoptober come about? In the UK, around 8 million adults smoke cigarettes, with the habit being attributed to at least 79,000 deaths every year. That said, despite the risks many smokers struggle to give up the habit, so Public Health England created the Stoptober campaign to help smokers quit once and for all. Research shows that by giving up for just 28 days, smokers are five times more likely to quit smoking permanently.

With Stoptober starting on October 1st, we are encouraging more people to stop smoking and make the switch to an ecig. For the duration of October, we will be running our most popular offer to date, and you will be able to pick up three bottles of eliquid and an ecigarette starter kit for only £10. Watch this space!

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