Register with eCig Points & be rewarded for shopping & interacting with us. Points accrued can be spent here at eCig Delivered on every product. We think it's probably the best Vapers' loyalty scheme around. Look out for eCig Delivered BONUS Points on specially selected products & flash sales.

How do I sign up?

Simply Register with eCig Delivered and you'll be signed up to eCig Points automatically & received 100 points straight away on us!. You'll begin collecting straight away - it's as simple as that!

How do I collect points?

You'll get 2 points, just for logging in once a day, even if you don't make a purchase!

For every product purchase you make, your account will be immediately credited with 5 points per £1 spent. So for instance, if you purchase 3 for £10 eliquids, you'll receive 50 points.

Social Media & Product Ratings:
Earn points for interacting with us & your friends

Facebook eCig Delivered 'like' - 25 pts
Facebook eCig Delivered 'share' -20 pts
Twitter eCig Delivered 'tweet' - 25 pts
Pinterest eCig Delivered 'pin it' - 20 pts
Google Plus eCig Delivered 'plus one it' - 10 pts
Review a product @ - 25 pts
Rate a product @ -2 pts

How do I spend?

Simply hit 'Spend Your Points' at checkout. Points are valid for 12 months from date of accruement & we'll ensure your oldest points are spent first when you make a product purchase. Points cannot be spent on shipping but you will also collect new points on purchases made by existing points - not bad eh?

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