Here at eCig Delivered we love eLiquid after all its helped so many people stop smoking and it tastes great. We aim to offer the largest selection of eliquids in the UK. We also import only the best eLiquid from all over the world making sure that all the eliquid conforms UK laws and legislations, so you know our eLiquid is as safe as it gets.

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eLiquid Online From eCig Delivered

eCig Delivered provide you with a comprehensive range of electronic cigarettes and eLiquids at the best prices online. Whether you are only just looking to quit smoking or you are an experienced vaper, you have come to the right place. Buying eLiquid online has never been easier and cheaper.

What is eLiquid? Essentially, eLiquid is the component of the electronic cigarette that is most important in helping you give up smoking and provides the nicotine, flavour and vapour. We have a range of premium eLiquids in a variety of different flavours including drink flavoured eLiquid, sweets flavoured eLiquid, mint and menthol eLiquid, tobacco flavoured eLiquid and fruit flavoured eLiquid. We also have some great deals on eLiquids including 3 for £10 and our electronic starter kit with 5 eLiquids for £19.99.

What strength eLiquid should I choose? When choosing the strength of eLiquid to use in your electronic cigarette you should think about your own smoking habits. If you are a medium to heavy smoker, you will need an eLiquid with a higher nicotine strength. If you are a light smoker then you should choose a lower strength of eLiquid. It takes a little bit of time to get used to an electronic cigarette, so you need to choose an eLiquid that matches your current nicotine usage. If you are unsure on this we recommend going for our e cig starter kit  so you can experiment, or if you already have an electronic cigarette you can buy 3 eliquids for £10. Other factors you should consider include how often and how many you currently smoke. If you don't smoke very often, you might prefer a stronger eLiquid to give a bigger boost of nicotine over longer periods.

How do I refill my electronic cigarette? Refilling your electronic cigarette with eLiquid is really simple. If you already have one of our ecig starter kits, look on the back of the packaging, if not follow these instructions. Start by unscrewing the bottom coil head so the chamber is exposed. Once unscrewed, fill the outer chamber with your chosen eLliquid and do not fill past the inner chamber. Once full, screw the coil head back on and you are ready to start vaping!

Visit our blog for more information on how to set up your electronic cigarette.

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